Why do you need rehabilitation after your workout? It is essential to promote blood flow, improve flexibility, and restore mobility. The purpose of working out is to break down the muscle so it can rebuild stronger. However, if you don’t take care of your body with proper recovery you could plateau, or worse- sustain an injury.

Our Rehabilitation membership is a session all about recovery, whether that is from an injury or a tough workout or competition. Our coaches are dedicated to helping you reach your fitness goals while keeping you safe. From a lingering injury or strain, our certified-coaches practice therapeutic techniques to safely relieve pain and restore blood flow. Through various modalities and methods such as manual tissue work, heat, ice, manual stretching, corrective exercises, compression, and advanced recovery equipment, our coaches work on specific areas of your body to release any and all tension. Furthermore, we also can perform active sessions to help flush out any soreness that our clients may build up through training or competing. At the end of the day, this is a session that is about relaxing and allowing the coach to help relieve soreness, relieve pain, and recover from injuries if that situation presents itself.


Give your body the rehabilitation it needs for $85 a session near you in White Plains, NY!  Need a specialty service? Book a Compression Boot session for $15.00!



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Rehabilitative Modalities and Techniques

  • Manual Tissue Work
  • Percussion Massage Tools
  • Compression Boots
  • Therapeutic Modalities (applying heat and icing)
  • Manual stretching
  • Corrective exercises

Looking for fast relief in the Scarsdale, Rye, or Briarcliff Manor area? Get rehabilitation conveniently located near you in White Plains, NY.