Looking for a personal trainer in Westchester County who is experienced, motivating and well-educated? You’ve come to the right place. Whether you are looking to shed the baby weight, get ready for a competition, or simply ditch old habits for healthy new ones, we’re here. We provide the motivation and support you need, even if it means holding your hand to reach each small victory. Our coaches are dedicated to your overall health and fitness with each hour-long session.

Get one-on-one training for as low as $90 per session! 

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What You Can Expect

Here’s what you can expect for your hour spent with our certified and friendly coaches. First, we begin by getting to know you and your fitness goals, evaluate your current state and together devise a program for your workout and recovery. Safety first, your coach takes into account any past injuries or limitations to ensure the safest workout for your body. 

Then, we help you understand your personalized workout program which will include stretching, warm up, core/tissue work, and personalized coaching, and recovery. Your coach is your number one support, dedicated to empowering you by teaching you proper technique, and more importantly, understanding how your body functions.

Each month, we keep track of your progress with evaluations; posture, speed, flexibility, coordination, and more. All the while, giving you a positive environment and the tools you need to reach your personal fitness goals. Change has no boundaries when you work out with personal trainers Westchester’s premiere fitness and recovery gym. 

  • Personal Coach
  • Workout Regimen for you
  • Recovery Regimen for you
  • In-Person Evaluation
  • Progress Check

*If you are experiencing a workout altering injury, please notify your coach prior so they can make the proper accommodating adjustments to the workout regimen.