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What You Can Expect

Hey there! It’s a new year and time to jumpstart your workout and look fierce in 2019. As Westchester NY’s premiere fitness and recovery gym, we are excited to meet you and help you squash your fitness goals. 

Here’s what you can expect from your get fit starter kit! You’ll get one-hour spent with one of our certified and friendly coaches where we get to know you and your fitness goals and evaluate your current state. Safety first, your coach takes into account any past injuries or limitations to ensure the safest personalized workout. Your coach is your number one support, dedicated to empowering you by teaching you proper technique, and more importantly, understanding how your body functions. 

After your workout, its time to give your body the proper stretch and rehabilitation it needs to alleviate any lingering injury or strain through therapeutic techniques to safely release ailment pain and restore blood flow.

Have you ever heard of cryotherapy or experienced the benefits of an infrared sauna? Well now is your chance! Walk out flooded with euphoria as you prepare to take on the rest of your day, or end your night on the right note with sauna or cryotherapy. A healthy, deep, sweat aides in rejuvenation in our 2 Person Clearlight Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna Sanctuary. Option 2 is our cryotherapy, which uses cold temperatures to alleviate muscle and joint pain, instantly wake you up and decrease fatigue, decrease mood disorders, reduced signs of aging, and foster better sleep patterns.

Fill out the form below to experience the most positive and motivating gym environment White Plains NY has to offer, and the tools you need to reach your personal fitness goals for FREE (a $300 value)! 

What We Offer You

  • Conveniently located in the heart of downtown White Plains, NY (walking distance from the Galleria and Westchester mall)
  • Super clean and well-maintained facility
  • Luxury bathroom suite with showers
  • Blast your favorite music
  • Comfortable and private studio
  • Highly-educated coaches
  • Access to personal trainers and group classes
  • A full state-of-the-art recovery and wellness center
    • cryo
    • facial
    • sauna

*If you are experiencing a workout altering injury, please notify your coach prior so they can make the proper accommodating adjustments to the workout regimen.